New backlash-free threaded nut for external linear actuators

For its external linear actuators with flange size 42 mm (NEMA 17), Nanotec now also offers radially pre-loaded threaded nuts. These backlash-free nuts automatically readjust themselves during operation and achieve high positioning accuracy and repeatability. Compared to simple, axially pre-loaded nuts, they are characterized by a lower frictional torque and higher efficiency.

The nuts are currently offered in combination with the linear actuators of the LSA42 series from Nanotec. These actuators are available in many lengths and thread leads. They come with ACME or trapezoidal thread and facilitate the construction of space-saving linear axes. With the help of an additional encoder and a Nanotec controller, the thrust of the actuators can be exactly monitored and their dynamics further increased. The force and position control in closed-loop operation is a big advantage, especially in comparison to pneumatic systems. 

Medical analysis devices, semiconductor inspection machines or other devices in which small loads need to be moved very precisely are ideal applications for linear actuators with backlash-free threaded nuts. The new nuts will soon also be available in other sizes. 

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