Motion control webinars: motor, controller, encoder, linear actuator.

High-Performance Actuators – Types and Function

Please join Nanotec Electronic for a 20-minute Live Webinar to learn about our industry-leading stepper motor actuators. Nanotec’s Sales Manager Mike McShane will review the complete product offering, including captive, non-captive and external actuators.

  • Which actuator technology best fits your application? 
  • Application examples with virtual simulations
  • Thread standards for lead screws and nut material options 
  • Sizing – converting torque to thrust
  • Encoder options to complete a closed-loop system with servo performance
  • Nanotec drive options and advantages

You will find more information on Nanotec’s range of actuators on these pages: Linear actuators with stepper motors.

Presenter: Mike McShane, Nanotec Electronic

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Recorded Webinars

How to configure motor controllers

In this one-hour webinar you will learn more about the various control methods, the differences between open-loop and closed-loop and the structure of motor controller firmware.

Smart Servos – a comparison

The webinar takes an in-depth look at smart servo steppers and smart brushless servos, presenting a product comparison to help you make an informed decision. Now available on-demand!
How to find the right linear actuators

Linear Actuators – Types and function

What are the different types of linear actuator and how do they differ? How do I find the right lead screw and why is the thread lead so important? Our experts will answer these questions.

5 Steps to the optimum combination

Do you want to learn how to find the optimum gearbox for your motor in the shortest possible time? Then we recommend this webinar with many practical tips and calculation guides.

How to find the right encoder

This webinar provides a comparison of encoder technologies with respect to function, features and application areas. Our experts also offer practical tips for selecting the right encoder.

How to configure your wheel drive

In this 45 minute webinar, we present adjustable wheel drives for individual vehicle concepts. Using an example configuration, our specialists explain what needs to be observed when designing.
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