Motion control solutions

Minimize noise and vibration

The low-noise planetary gearboxes of the GP56-N series are ideally suited for use in medical devices and building automation. They come in nine versions, with one or two stages.

Stepper with FluxFocus technology

Due to Nanotec’s FluxFocus technology, the SCB6018 motor achieves the highest torque/size ratio of all NEMA 24 stepper motors on the market. Its max. holding torque is 3.6 Nm.

Brake for wheel drives

For applications that require repeated and dynamic braking, the WD wheel drives are now available with a pre-mounted motor brake. Just select the required reduction ratio and a matching motor.

Robust stepper motor with encoder

This stepper motor for mechanical engineering applications is very compact yet offers a very high torque. It comes with an encoder and can be ordered with and without an integrated brake.

Anti-backlash nuts with torsion spring

The LSNUT-AGAC and LSNUT-AGAE threaded nuts eliminate the axial backlash of the screw drive and readjust themselves during operation. They can be used with Nanotec’s external linear actuators.

NEMA 6 Stepper motor

With a flange size of only 14 mm the stepper motor STA1418 is ideal for applications with space limitations such as in the medical industry, in lab automation or optical technologies.

New PD4-E/EB with brake

The PD4-E/EB brushless DC motors with integrated controller are now available in a version with integrated holding brake. They are ideally suited for use in Z axes and robotics applications.

Flat motors with encoder

The external rotor BLDC motors DFA90 and DFA68 are now available with an integrated inductive 3-channel encoder with 4,096 CPR. Combine them with a Nanotec motor controller and gearbox.

Captive linear actuator with 56 mm flange

Due to its optimized design the LGA56 linear actuator reaches speeds of up to 150 mm/s. Nanotec offers a number of thread types, stroke lengths and thread leads to choose from.

Firmware update available now!

Plug & Drive Studio 2.1 comes with a firmware update that includes new features: processing of input from multiple sensors, slow speed mode, user-defined SI units and normalized PI parameters.

Geared motor for small spaces

Combining Nanotec’s brushless DC motor DFA68 with the new high-torque planetary gearbox GP56 results in a very short geared motor with torques of up to 26Nm.
high-performance controller for industrial applications, OEMs, automation, medical devices

High-performance motor controller

The CL4-E motor controller is characterized by high performance and compact design. It has a peak power of 1050 W and operates at 58 V. Additional heat sinks are not required.
Stepper Motor, Linear Actuator Manufacturer

Job openings

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Test bench for e-bikes

This test bench of the Aalen University is used to test complete e-bikes instead of individual components. The gear-shifting behavior of the rider is reproduced by the Nanotec stepper motor PD2-N.
How to find the right linear actuators

Linear Actuators – Types and function

What are the different types of linear actuator and how do they differ? How do I find the right lead screw and why is the thread lead so important? Our experts will answer these questions.

Nanotec is among the TOP 100!

In the independent TOP 100 benchmarking competition, Nanotec convinced the jurors with its innovation management, placing it among the top innovators in Germany in 2021.

Captive linear actuators – how they work

The integrated linear guide is the main characteristic of captive linear actuators. The lead screw travels back and force in a linear motion as our video shows. Just watch.

Non-captive linear actuators – design

Linear actuators without linear guide need an external guide to prevent the lead screw from rotating. Watch our video to learn more about the movement of the rotor and the lead screw.

How to configure motor controllers

In this one-hour webinar you will learn more about the various control methods, the differences between open-loop and closed-loop and the structure of motor controller firmware.

5 Steps to the optimum combination

Do you want to learn how to find the optimum gearbox for your motor in the shortest possible time? Then we recommend this webinar with many practical tips and calculation guides.

How to find the right encoder

This webinar provides a comparison of encoder technologies with respect to function, features and application areas. Our experts also offer practical tips for selecting the right encoder.

How to configure your wheel drive

In this 45 minute webinar, we present adjustable wheel drives for individual vehicle concepts. Using an example configuration, our specialists explain what needs to be observed when designing.

Motor configurator

Our configurator will help you customize your motor with encoder, brake or gearbox within one minute. Simply select a motor and click on "Combine article".

Smart Servos – a comparison

The webinar takes an in-depth look at smart servo steppers and smart brushless servos, presenting a product comparison to help you make an informed decision. Now available on-demand!

About Nanotec

Nanotec Electronic specializes in precise, high-performance drive solutions. We offer a broad range of integrated motors, brushless DC motors and stepper motors, as well as motor controllers and linear actuators that are primarily used in automation systems, automatic laboratory equipment and medical devices. 

As an R&D driven company, we strive to create drive solutions that closely meet the needs and requirements of our customers – from standard solutions to customer-specific designs.

In addition to our sales office in the US, Nanotec employs a nationwide network of sales partners who will provide expert technical support to your company.

In January 2021, Nanotec received the TOP 100 award. This award honors especially innovative small- and medium-sized enterprises. 



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