Motion control solutions

Small plug-in motor controllers

The controllers of the CPB series are ideal for integration into customer applications and custom boards. Three variants with a rated power of 150 W, 300 W and 750 W are available.

Linear actuator with drive

The PSA56 combines the LSA56 linear actuator with the intelligent drive of the PD4-E motor. The integrated encoder supports field-oriented control via CANopen.

Flat motor with encoder

With its 45 mm diameter, integrated encoder and 4,840 rpm rated speed, the DF45-E is ideal for positioning tasks in tight installation spaces. It is easy to control via digital Hall sensors.

Low-noise gearbox

The GP42-N low-noise gearbox is designed for BLDC and stepper motors with NEMA 17 flange and the DF45 external rotor motors. They come in a single- and a two-stage version with seven gear ratios.

Robust multiturn encoder

Equipped with an SSI interface, the NMM1 magnetic absolute encoder offers a resolution of 17 bits single-turn and 16 bits multi-turn. Two shaft diameters are available.

Wheel drives for service robots

The WD wheel drives consist of a wheel, integrated planetary gearbox and bearing in one unit. Combined with Nanotec’s motors and controllers, they are ideal for use in service robots or AGVs.

Compact EtherCAT drive

The CM-CPB3-44 drive is designed to control four BLDC or stepper motors with up to 150 watts per axis. Hall sensors, incremental or SSI encoders provide feedback on the motor position.

Easy software integration

The software library NanoLib facilitates the integration of Nanotec’s motor controllers/drives into existing software applications. It supports C++, C# and Python and communication via fieldbus.

Captive linear actuator with 56 mm flange

Due to its optimized design the LGA56 linear actuator reaches speeds of up to 150 mm/s. Nanotec offers a number of thread types, stroke lengths and thread leads to choose from.

For I/O-based applications

With the CSL3, Nanotec now offers an easy-to-configure controller with 16 movement profiles for brushless DC motors with up to 72 W rated power and 3 A rated current.

New PD4-E/EB with brake

The PD4-E/EB brushless DC motors with integrated controller are now available in a version with integrated holding brake. They are ideally suited for use in Z axes and robotics applications.
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Raceyard goes Driverless

The goal of the Formula Student team was to develop a driverless vehicle. Nanotec helps with the brushless DC motor DB43, combined with the GPLE40 gearbox, NTO3 encoder and C5-E controller.


Whether a motor, controller, encoder, or linear actuator, in our webinars the Nanotec product specialists will show you how to most efficiently integrate our drive solutions into your system.

Explore the virtual product

Combine a motor with encoder, gearbox and brake in 3D! View and download the CAD models for your combination in many formats and free of charge.
How to start a motor from Nanotec? Auto setup tutorial for Plug & Drive Studio

Auto setup with the P&D Studio

How do you commission the motor controllers from Nanotec with the help of the Plug & Drive Studio? The tutorial shows how to practically perform the auto setup step-by-step.

Captive linear actuators – how they work

The integrated linear guide is the main characteristic of captive linear actuators. The lead screw travels back and force in a linear motion as our video shows. Just watch.

Non-captive linear actuators – design

Linear actuators without linear guide need an external guide to prevent the lead screw from rotating. Watch our video to learn more about the movement of the rotor and the lead screw.

About Nanotec

Nanotec Electronic specializes in precise, high-performance drive solutions. We offer a broad range of integrated motors, brushless DC motors and stepper motors, as well as motor controllers and linear actuators that are primarily used in automation systems, automatic laboratory equipment and medical devices. 

As an R&D driven company, we strive to create drive solutions that closely meet the needs and requirements of our customers – from standard solutions to customer-specific designs.

In addition to our sales office in the US, Nanotec employs a nationwide network of sales partners who will provide expert technical support to your company.

In January 2022, Nanotec received the TOP 100 award for the second time in a row. This award honors especially innovative small- and medium-sized enterprises. 


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