PD4-C CANopen Online Manual


Described in this chapter is how you establish communication with the controller and set the necessary parameters to make the motor ready for operation.

The Plug & Drive Studio software offers you an option for performing the configuration and adapting the motor parameters to your application. You can find further information in document Plug & Drive Studio: Quick Start Guide at us.nanotec.com.

Observe the following notes:

  • Moving parts can cause hand injuries.
  • If you touch moving parts during running operation, hand injuries may result.
  • ► Do not reach for moving parts during operation. After switching off, wait until all movements have ended.
  • In free-standing operation, motor movements are uncontrolled and can cause injuries.
  • If the motor is unsecured, it can, e. g., fall down. Foot injuries or damage to the motor could occur.
  • ► If you operate the motor free-standing, observe the motor, switch it off immediately in the event of danger and make certain that the motor cannot fall down.
  • Moving parts can catch hair and loose clothing.
  • During running operation, moving parts can catch hair or loose clothing, which may lead to injuries.
  • ► If you have long hair, wear a hairnet or take other suitable protective measures when near moving parts. Do not work with loose clothing or ties near moving parts.
  • Risk of overheating or fire if there is insufficient cooling!
  • If cooling is insufficient or if the ambient temperature is too high, there is a risk of overheating or fire.
  • ► During use, make certain that the cooling and environmental conditions are ensured.
  • EMC: Current-carrying cables – particularly around supply cables – produce electromagnetic alternating fields. These can interfere with the motor and other devices.
  • Suitable measures may be:
  • ► Use shielded cables and earth the cable shielding on both ends over a short distance.
  • ► Keep power supply cables as short as possible.
  • ► Use cables with cores in twisted pairs.
  • ► Earth motor housing with large contact area over a short distance.
  • ► Lay supply and control cables separately.
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