NP5 CANopen Online Manual


  • Only 11-bit CAN-IDs are currently supported.
  • With CANopen, the data are always sent over the bus in little endian format.

CAN message

CAN messages are described often in this chapter; these are written in the following format:

583 | 41 09 10 00 1E 00 00 00

183R | DLC=0

Where the following convention is used:

  • All numbers are written in hexadecimal notation; due to the abbreviated notation, the leading 0x is omitted.
  • Normal data message: The CAN-ID of the CAN message is prefixed with 583 (i.e., 583h or 1411d) in the above example. The data and the CAN-ID are separated from the data with a pipe character.
  • RTR message (remote transmission request): If an R follows the CAN-ID instead of the data, the length of the DLC (Download Content) is specified; in the above example, the length of the DLC is 0.
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