NP5 CANopen Online Manual


Before starting commissioning, we recommend reading chapters Connecting the controller and CANopen configuration.

  1. Connect the CANopen master to the controller via the CAN+, CAN- cables. Check the connection of your CAN-GND and that the necessary 120 ohm termination resistor is present between CAN+ and CAN-.
  2. Supply the controller with voltage.
  3. Change the configuration values if necessary, see CANopen configuration.
    The controller is set ex works to node-ID 1, baud rate 1 Mbaud.
  4. To test the interface, send bytes 40 41 60 00 00 00 00 00 to the controller.
    Statusword (6041h) was read; you receive this response: 4B 41 60 00 XX XX 00 00 .
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