Expanded Shaft Modification

Special shafts as well as shafts with knurling or direct gearing are produced ex works and are only available in larger quantities. 

Please contact our sales department for further information on the possible modifications as well as details about quantities and prices: [email protected]





Thicker shaft

Thicker shafts can be manufactured in metric or imperial dimensions.

Longer shaft

Longer motor shafts are used if direct attachment is not possible. In this case, the permissible radial force of the motor must be taken into consideration. If the permissible bearing load is exceeded, a thrust bearing is necessary on the front shaft end.

Square and hexagon shafts

With square or hexagon shafts, working appliances or tools can be changed quickly.

Female threads

For the fastening of attachment parts, motor shafts can be provided with metric female threads.

Hollow shaft

Hollow shafts are used to feed through cables, tubes or laser beams. In large quantities, hollow shaft motors can also be manufactured with female or male threads. Hollow shafts that are closed on one side or blind holes are also possible.

Some motors come standard with a hollow shaft. You can find an overview here.


Knurling is possible with all motors. It enhances power transmission when pressing on plastic parts.