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PD2-C - Smart Servo Motor with 42 mm Flange Size - NEMA 17New

Technical Data

With a flange size of 42 mm, the motors of the PD2-C series are ideally suited for applications that require less torque or have space constrictions, such as in laboratory automation. Both the controller and the encoder are already integrated. The controller can be accessed via USB or CANopen.

The stepper motor version has a nominal torque of up to 0.5 Nm and an operating voltage of 12-48 V. Due to its field-oriented control, the stepper motor behaves like a high-pole DC servo – with a higher torque but a lower nominal speed than a BLDC motor. Therefore many applications can be realized without a gear.

Operating voltage12-48 VDC +/-5%
Phase current eff.1.8 A
RMS for 1 S3 A
Integrated encoderMagnetic single-turn absolute encoder, 1024 CPR
Operating modesTorque, speed, position, homing, cyclic synchronous setpoint
Protection circuit

Over-/under voltage protection, over temperature protection (>75°C), reverse polarity protection (Short-circuit +UB and GND for reverse polarity, a fuse between the power supply and the controller is necessary!)

Version01 (USB)
Target value specification/programmingClock-direction, analog input, NanoJ V2, USB

3 digital inputs (24 V), 3 digital inputs (5 V or 24 V, single ended or differential, configured by software), 1 analog input 10 Bit, 0-10 V or 0-20 mA (configured by software)
Outputs2 transistor outputs (Open Drain, max. 24 V/100 mA) 1 10 VDC output (max. 200 mA)
Version08 (CAN)
Target value specification/programmingCANopen, NanoJ V2
Inputs4 digital inputs (5 V or 24 V, separately configured by software), 1 analog input 10 Bit, 0-10 V or 0-20 mA (configured by software)
Outputs3 transistor outputs (Open Drain, max. 24 V/100 mA), 1 output 10 VDC (max. 200 mA)



For current software and manual versions please have a look in the archive.

NanoJ Easy V2.05 for PD2-C/CB, PD4-C/CB..., N5 and C..., C based
Plug & Drive Studio
Plug & Drive Studio 0.10 Release Package for C5-01, C5-E-x-09, CL3-E-x-0F, N5-x-1, N5-x-2, NP5-08, PD2-Cx-E-01, PD2-Cx-E-08, PD4-Cx-E-01, PD4-Cx-E-08,...
Plug & Drive Studio: Quick Start Guide

For customer specific shaft and cable modifications please see custom specific solutions and further product information on our FAQ site. You can access the switch mode power supply here.

Type Description PDF Price Basket
ZK-MICROUSB USB Cable $ 7.71
ZK-PD4-C-CAN-4-500-S CANopen Cable $ 7.59
Z-K4700/50 Charging Capacitor $ 4.72
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50 0.5 74
$ 258.52

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For this article the following accessories are available:

Type Description PDF Price Basket
ZK-MICROUSB USB Cable $ 7.71
ZK-PD4-C-CAN-4-500-S CANopen Cable $ 7.59
Z-K4700/50 Charging Capacitor $ 4.72
Data Sheets/3D Data PD2-C4118L1804-E-01


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  • 1-4: $ 258.52
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