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Here you will find the most common questions that arise while setting up and installing motor controllers and Plug & Drive motors. You will also find detailed information on setup and installation in the respective manuals.

Plug & Drive Motors and Motor Controllers
Applying 24-V control signals to a motor controller with pure 5-V inputs

The motor controllers SMCI12, SMCI35, SCMI36 and SCMP33 have 5-V inputs. If a 24-V control signal is to be applied, it is essential that a 39kohm (0.25W) resistance be connected in series to each input in use.

Suppression circuit for overcoupling of 24-V control signals

Depending on the cable type, routing and length, an overcoupling onto the neighboring control line may occur with 24-V control signals. In motor controllers with wide range inputs (5–24V), this can cause a second input that is not activated to be recognized as high. To prevent this without having to change the wiring (which can be an involved process), the following suppression circuit can be provided at each input in use. Inputs that are not required can be connected directly to the motor controller ground.


The firmware update failed – no more communication

If communication is no longer possible with the motor controller or the motor after a failed firmware update, the firmware can be uploaded manually.

Firmware update for downloading: Firmwareupdate.zip

Switching of a load or PLC via the outputs of the motor controller/Plug & Drive motor

The motor controllers and Plug & Drive motors have open collector outputs. To switch a load or PLC, you require a relay according to this circuit diagram. The flyback diode is required. Please note the maximum switching current or the maximum voltage of the selected motor controller. You can find this information in the respective manual.

SMCI35: A load/PLC cannot be connected with this motor controller.

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