Adding and setting filters/attributes

To add a new Filter/Attribute click the Add Filter/Attribute button in the filter bar. You can use a search field to find the attribute quickly. Clicking on Add Filter adds the Attribute to the filter bar and to the attribute that are shown in the result table.

Once selected you can open a filter and set its filter values. The results will adjust themself automatically to the values you have set. All filters are combined with a logical AND. 

To remove a filter/atttribute open the filter in the filter bar and click on Remove filter. This will also remove the attribute from the result table.

To reset a filter open the filter in the filter bar and click on Reset filter. This will leave the filter in the filter bar and the attribute in the result table, but will not filter results anymore by this filter/attribute.

ATTENTION: Some filter/attributes have similar names but are used for different kinds of products. Please check the attribute description (by clicking on the ?) for details.

Comparing Torque Curves

Results that have torque curves available can be noticed by the a checkbox. Click the checkboxes of the results you want to compare (max. 6). Then click on compare.

You can add extra curves for output power (et. alt.) by clicking on the labels or boxes in the legend beside the graph pane.

Clicking in the graph pane will set the compare point on the x-axis (a vertical red line). In the legend table you can then see the y-axis values for this point.

Attention: Sometimes two articles can have identical curves. They will appear as only one curve in the graph pane.

Furthermore you can:

  • Download the current graph pane as PDF
  • switch the axes
  • switch between linear or logarithmic axis scaling
  • filter by voltage

Result List View and Sorting

The results of your search can be viewed in two ways:

  • As a table - good for quickly comparing attribute values
  • As an article list - good for reviewing the whole article

Click the corresponding view icons on top of the results list to switch between views.

Each result can be expanded to reveal more attributes or details.

In table view, you can click on each column title to sort the list by that attribute (first click sorts ascending, second click sorts descending).


Setting the Show Configuration filter to "Yes" will add combinations of articles to your search results. You can then easily find combinations of e.g. motors and gearboxes or motors and encoders that fit your needs.  

To find combinations or integrated solutions for motors with encoders and/or breaks, use the with encoder and/or with break filters.

Attention: There are over 80,000 valid article combinations. Please make sure to set additional filters to find the right one for your requirements.