PD4-E ModbusRTU Online Manual

Function codes

The following "function codes" are supported:


Function code



Data access (16-bit) Read Holding Registers 03 (03h)  
Read Input Register 04 (04h)  
Write Single Register 06 (06h)  
Write Multiple Registers 22 (16h)  
Read/Write Multiple Registers 23 (17h)  
Diagnosis Clear Counters and Diagnostic Register 08 (08h) 10 (0Ah)
Return Bus Message Count 08 (08h) 11 (0Bh)
Return Bus Communication Error Count 08 (08h) 12 (0Ch)
Return Bus Exception Error Count 08 (08h) 13 (0Dh)
Return Server Message Count 08 (08h) 14 (0Eh)
Return Server No Response Count 08 (08h) 15 (0Fh)
Return Server NAK Count 08 (08h) 16 (10h)
Return Server Busy Count 08 (08h) 17 (11h)
Return Bus Character Overrun Count 08 (08h) 18 (12h)
Miscellaneous Encapsulated Interface Transport 43 (2Bh) 13 (0Dh)
Read complete object dictionary start 101 (65h) 85 (55h)
Read complete object dictionary next 101 (65h) 170 (AAh)
Read complete array or record start 102 (66h) 85 (55h)
Read complete array or record next 102 (66h) 170 (AAh)
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