NP5 Modbus RTU Online Manual

Extension for Modbus RTU (additional board)

Discovery Board DK-NP5-4A is equipped with an additional board for communication via Modbus RTU (RS485).

Dimensioned drawings – Modbus RTU additional board

Dimensions are in [mm].

Hardware overview – Modbus RTU additional board

Name Function Note
X2 Modbus RTU IN
X3 Modbus RTU OUT
X4 Connection to Discovery Board NP5
SW1 Reserved
SW2 Reserved
SW3 Switch for 150 Ω termination resistor
Pin 1 150 Ω termination resistor (switch set to ON)
Pin 2 Reserved
PIN Function Note
1 n.c.
2 n.c.
3 n.c.
4 D1 (RS-485 +)
5 D0 (RS-485 -)
6 n.c.
7 n.c. PIN 7 on X2 is internally connected to PIN 7 on X3
8 Common Common signal and supply
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