NP5 EtherCAT Online Manual

Safety and warning notices

  • Damage to the controller.
  • Changing the wiring during operation may damage the controller.
  • Only change the wiring in a de-energized state. After switching off, wait until the capacitors have discharged.
  • Fault of the controller due to excitation voltage of the motor.
  • Voltage peaks during operation may damage the controller.
  • Install suitable circuits (e.g., charging capacitor) that reduce voltage peaks.
  • There is no polarity reversal protection.
  • Polarity reversal results in a short-circuit between supply voltage and GND (earth) via the power diode.
  • Install a line protection device (fuse) in the supply line.
  • The device contains components that are sensitive to electrostatic discharge.
  • Improper handling can damage the device.
  • Observe the basic principles of ESD protection when handling the device.
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