NP5 EtherCAT Online Manual

2110h EtherCAT Slave Status


Indicates the operating state of the EtherCAT slave module.

Object description

Index 2110h
Object name EtherCAT Slave Status
Object Code VARIABLE
Data type UNSIGNED16
Savable no
Access read only
PDO mapping no
Allowed values
Preset value 0000h
Firmware version FIR-v1426
Change history


ECAT Bus Status [4]
The current EtherCAT bus status is entered here
  • Value = 01h: Bus status INIT
  • Value = 02h: Bus status PREOPERATIONAL
  • Value = 03h: Bus status BOOT
  • Value = 04h: Bus status SAFEOPERATIONAL
  • Value = 08h: Bus status OPERATIONAL
Value = "1": An error is active
DC mode
Value = "1": EtherCAT synchronization active (DC mode), value "0" means "no synchronization"
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