NP5 CANopen Online Manual

Connecting the controller

For easy connection, Nanotec recommends the Discovery Board DK-NP5-48 . If you operate your controller using this Discovery Board, read the chapter Connecting the NP5 controller via the Discovery Board.

Integrating the NP5

  • EMC: Current-carrying cables – particularly around supply and motor cables – produce electromagnetic alternating fields. These can interfere with the motor and other devices.
  • Suitable measures may be:
  • ► Use shielded cables and earth the cable shielding on both ends over a short distance.
  • ► Keep power supply and motor cables as short as possible.
  • ► Use cables with cores in twisted pairs.
  • ► Earth motor housing with large contact area over a short distance.
  • ► Lay supply, motor and control cables separately.

Shown in the following figures is the circuit diagram of the NP5 Discovery Board, which can serve as a reference for the development of your own motherboard. You can find the pin assignment of the PCI connector strip in chapter Pin assignment.

  1. Prepare your motherboard.
    The minimum wiring varies depending on motor type and any present feedback (stepper or BLDC motor, Hall sensors/encoders). For commissioning, the connection of the voltage supply (POWER) of the motor and a CANopen transceiver (see also Connecting the CANopen) is sufficient.

  2. Plug the NP5 into the PCI plug connection.
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