N5 Modbus RTU Online Manual

2012h Static-IPv4-Subnet-Mask


Contains the subnet mask of the static IP address in the form of a 32-bit word.

Object description

Index 2012h
Object name Static-IPv4-Subnet-Mask
Object Code VARIABLE
Data type UNSIGNED32
Savable yes, category: Ethernet
Access read / write
PDO mapping no
Allowed values  
Preset value FFFFFF00h
Firmware version FIR-v1426
Change history

Firmware version FIR-v1450: "Object name" entry changed from "Static-IP-Subnet-Mask" to "Static-IPv4-Subnet-Mask".

Firmware version FIR-v1748-B533384: "Savable" entry changed from "yes, category: communication" to "yes, category: Ethernet".


Subnet Mask Part 1 [8]
Specifies the first part of the subnet mask
Subnet Mask Part 2 [8]
Specifies the second part of the subnet mask
Subnet Mask Part 3 [8]
Specifies the third part of the subnet mask
Subnet Mask Part 4 [8]
Specifies the fourth part of the subnet mask


  The class C network mask is first converted to hexadecimal format, resulting in the following configuration value:

255 => FFh

0 => 0

The corresponding adjustment value is then FFFFFF00h.

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