N5 EtherCAT Technical Manual


Described in this chapter is how you establish communication with the controller and set the necessary parameters to make the motor ready for operation. You can configure the controller via Ethernet using NanoIP – a browser-based user interface – or via EtherCAT.

The Plug & Drive Studio software offers you an option for performing the configuration and adapting the controller to the connected motor. You can find further information in document Plug & Drive Studio: Quick Start Guide at us.nanotec.com.

Observe the following note:

  • EMC: Current-carrying cables – particularly around supply and motor cables – produce electromagnetic alternating fields.
  • These can interfere with the motor and other devices. Nanotec recommends the following measures:
  • Use shielded cables and earth the cable shielding on both ends over a short distance.
  • Use cables with cores in twisted pairs.
  • Keep power supply and motor cables as short as possible.
  • Earth motor housing with large contact area over a short distance.
  • Lay supply, motor and control cables physically separate from one another.
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