N5 EtherCAT Technical Manual

Limitation of the range of motion

The digital inputs can be used as limit switches, as is described in chapter Digital inputs, if you activate this function for the inputs. The controller also supports software limit switches.

Tolerance bands of the limit switches

The previous figure shows the breakdown of the tolerance bands next to the limit switches:
  • The tolerance zone begins immediately after the limit switch. Free movement is possible in this zone. The length of the zone can be set in object 2056h.
  • If the motor moves into the forbidden range, the controller triggers an immediate stop and it switches to the fault state, see also State transitions.

Software limit switches

The controller takes into account software limit switches (607Dh (Software Position Limit)). Target positions (607Ah) are limited by 607Dh; the absolute target position may not be larger than the limits in 607Dh. If the motor is located outside of the permissible range when setting up the limit switches, only travel commands in the direction of the permissible range are accepted.

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