N5 CANopen Online Manual

6074h Torque Demand


Current torque set value requested by the ramp generator in tenths of a percent of the nominal torque for the internal controller.

Object description

Index 6074h
Object name Torque Demand
Object Code VARIABLE
Data type INTEGER16
Savable no
Access read only
PDO mapping TX-PDO
Allowed values  
Preset value 0000h
Firmware version FIR-v1426
Change history  


This object is calculated as thousandths of the torque, e.g., the value "500" means "50%" of the rated torque; "1100" is equivalent to 110%. The rated torque corresponds to the rated current in object 203Bh:01.

The target torque may not exceed the peak torque (proportional to the peak current in 2031h).

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