Shaft Modification

The flattening or shortening of shafts, the drilling of a cross bore or the milling of a keyway is generally possible within two weeks. 

Please use the form to select the desired modification and enter dimensions.

Please note:
A Nanotec standard D-shaft or a standardized keyway can be ordered via the online configurator after selecting a motor.


Download Shaft Modification




In addition to the Nanotec standard D-shaft, flat surfaces can also be prepared according to individual specifications. For special shaft-hub connections, a single flattening can be provided on nearly all motor shafts.

Qty 1
  $ 126,20

Shorter shaft

For applications with limited space, Nanotec offers motors with shortened shafts.

Qty 1
  $ 142,00

Cross bore

Cross bores are drilled into the shaft with the required diameter and enable, among other things, the use of clamping pins.

Qty 1
  $ 142,00



Shafts with keyway offer increased protection against rotation, especially for applications where the load changes direction. For shaft diameters of 6.35 mm and more, keyways are manufactured according to DIN 6885 P9. 

The keys are available as an accessory.

Qty 1
  $ 205,20


Thinner shaft

Machined shafts are used when toothed wheels, pinions or pulleys with small bore diameter are to be directly attached to the motor shaft.

A motor with two shaft ends is necessary for the subsequent machining of a shaft.

Qty 1
NEMA 8-23 $ 209,10
NEMA 23-24 $ 227,70
NEMA 34 $ 264,70
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