Motor Shafts

Simple shaft modifications, such as shortening the shaft or adding a D-Cut, are available for delivery quantities as low as one piece. 

Complex shaft geometries, such as direct gearing, are only available in larger order quantities.

In addition to shaft modifications, Nanotec also offers a series of pre-mounted attachment parts that considerably reduce the commissioning time. 

A Nanotec standard D-Cut or a standardized keyway can be ordered via the online configurator after selecting a motor.



Categories for Motor Shafts

Shaft Modification

Minor modifications, such as the shortening of shafts or the milling of a keyway, are available for order quantities as low as one piece.

Expanded Shaft Modification

Special machining, such as knurling or direct gearing, is only available for larger order quantities and takes several weeks.

Attachement Parts

Pinions, worm gears or pulleys are available in numerous versions. They are delivered pre-mounted ex works and can only be ordered in larger quantities