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L20 - Linear Actuator with Lead Screw


High positioning speeds, shorter positioning times and large thrust and drag forces in a compact form are characteristic of the new L20 linear actuators.

Advantages: low-friction PEEK bushing, long service life, low price and a nut in the bearing flange for convenient adjustment of the axial play of the shaft. Combined with suitable microstep drivers of the SMCI series, resolutions up to 0.005mm/step are possible.

For position feedback, the linear actuators are also available with an integrated encoder.

Please note: The force and power ratings specified in the data sheets are based on a duty cycle of approx. 10% to 20% and must be reduced accordingly for higher values. More information can be found in theFAQs.Moving against fixed end stops should be avoided.

Threaded screws are not included in the delivery. Suitable screws can be found above under the Accessories tab.


Please click on the respective product in the list below to download datasheets.

Further Product Information

For customer specific shaft and cable modifications please see custom specific solutions and further product information on our FAQ site. You can access the switch mode power supply here.

Type Description PDF Price Basket
ZST3,5-1-200-1 Threaded Screw. $ 17.60
ZST3,5-1-500 Threaded Screw $ 14.61
Nanolube Lubricant $ 11.04
Type Peak Force Feed Current Length "A" Options Price Basket Configuration
N mm/s A
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40 40 0.6 33 $ 81.08

L2018S0604-T3,5X1 was added to the basket

For this article the following accessories are available:

Type Description PDF Price Basket
ZST3,5-1-200-1 Threaded Screw. $ 17.60
ZST3,5-1-500 Threaded Screw $ 14.61
Nanolube Lubricant $ 11.04
Data Sheets/3D Data L2018S0604-T3,5X1

Technical Data
Resistance per Winding
6.5 Ohm
0.06 kg
Inductance per Winding
2 mH
Pitch of screw
1 mm
5 µm/step
Bushing Length "L"
5 mm
Max. Axial Play
±0.06 mm
  • 1-4: $ 81.08
  • 5-9: $ 77.02
  • 10+: $ 68.91
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