ST6318F1004-A –  Ultraflat stepper motor

Ultraflat high-torque stepper motor with 63 mm diameter, 10 mm height, high torque and speeds up to 5000rpm. Ideally suited for feeder applications in the semiconductor industry or stirrers.

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Technical Data

  • NEMA
  • Current per Winding 1 A
  • Holding Torque Unipolar 6 Ncm
  • Resistance per Winding 3.8 Ohm
  • Resolution 1.8 °/step
  • Weight 0.095 kg
  • Size
  • Holding Torque 6 Ncm
  • Rotor Inertia 16 gcm²
  • Inductance per Winding 2 mH
  • Length "A" 9.6 mm



Torque Curves


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  • 25 in Stock


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