LA281S10-B-UGFC –  Non-captive linear actuator – NEMA 11

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Technical Data

  • Size
  • Shaft end Double 
  • Speed 120 mm/s
  • Thread Type ACME 
  • Thread Lead
  • Resistance per Winding 2.7 Ohm
  • Socket Length "L"
  • Length "A"
  • NEMA 11 
  • Peak Force 50 N
  • Current per Winding 1 A
  • Thread Diameter
  • Resolution 25.4 µm/step
  • Inductance per Winding 2.5 mH
  • Max. Axial Play ±0.08 mm
  • Weight


Creation in progress ...

Force-Velocity Curve

Recommended load limit:
Maximum short-term static load that may be reached when the service life is taken into account.
Recommended load limit
Continuous Operation


NANOLUBE-50G Bearing grease
SCREW-ABA-UGFC-200 Lead screw with ACME thread
SCREW-ABA-UGFC-300 Lead screw with ACME thread
SCREW-AAA-UGFC-1000 Lead screw with ACME thread