PD4-E591L42-E-65-2 —  Stepper Motor with Integrated Controller - NEMA 23


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Technical Data

  • Size
  • Interface CANopen 
  • Holding Torque
  • Rated Current (RMS) 4.2 A
  • Number of Digital Inputs
  • Number of Analog Inputs
  • Digital Outputs
  • Encoder  
  • Encoder Resolution 1024 CPR
  • Weight 1.3 kg
  • NEMA 23 
  • Shaft Modification  
  • Operating Voltage 12 VDC - 48 VDC
  • Peak Current (RMS) 4.2 A
  • Type of Digital Inputs 5/24 V switchable 
  • Type of Analog Input 0-20 mA/0-10 V switchable 
  • Type of Digital Output open-drain (max. 24 V/100 mA) 
  • Encoder Type single-turn absolute 
  • Length



Torque Curves


Knowledge Base

Our motors with integrated controller of the PD2-C, PD4-C series (USB) are preprogrammed for clock-direction and analog speed mode.  Here you find the applicable and documented configuration files to easily edit all settings for these modes.
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To reduce the length of the wiring harnesses in vehicles and save on weight, the Bosch company developed the so-called CAN bus for networking control units in 1987. CAN is the abbreviation for "Controller Area Network" and is often used in combination with "bus" (Binary Unit System) to describe a system for the transmission of data between different devices on a shared transmission path. CANopen is a communication protocol...
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