ST2818S1006-A –  Stepper motor – NEMA 11


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Technical Data

  • NEMA 11 
  • Current per Winding 0.95 A
  • Holding Torque Bipolar 6.08 Ncm
  • Resistance per Winding 2.8 Ohm
  • Resolution 1.8 °/step
  • Weight 0.11 kg
  • Size
  • Holding Torque Unipolar 4.3 Ncm
  • Rotor Inertia 9 gcm²
  • Inductance per Winding 1 mH
  • Length "A"
  • Shaft Modification  



Torque Curves


Knowledge Base

In contrast to conventional stepper motor controllers where only the motor is actuated or the position is adjusted via the encoder, sine commutation controls the stator magnetic field via the rotary encoder as in a servo motor. In this operating mode, the stepper motor acts as nothing more than a high-pole servomotor, i.e. the noises and resonances of classic stepper motors vanish. Because the current is controlled, the motor can no longer lose...
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  • 25 in Stock


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