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Connection Cables

Pre-assembled connecting cables for easy mounting. These robust cables come with connectors and prevent errors during wiring. They withstand high temperatures and are highly resistant to chemicals...
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Dampers for suppressing system resonances and reducing vibrations and motor noises in the lower speed range.
  • Corresponding Motors ST28, ST35, ST41, ST42, ST59 
  • Suitable for (Damper) for B-Shaft, for Mounting Flange 
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Charging capacitors for controllers or integrated brushless DC servo motors (stepper motors) for temporarily buffering the generator voltage produced when braking. 
  • Capacity 4700 μF - 10000 μF
  • Max. Operating Voltage 50 V - 100 V
  • Temperature Range -40 °C - 85 °C
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Converter cables for SMCIxx controllers and integrated brushless DC servo motors that communicate via RS485/RS232. Please note: For installing an RS485 network, please refer to our instructions in...
  • Cable Length
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Standard connectors and contacts for assembling motors, brakes and encoders, etc. Please note:Suitable crimping pliers (JST WC-110) are required for the JST-XHP connectors. No special tools are...
  • Pin Configuration 2  - 12 
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Switch-Mode Power Supplies

Switched-mode power supplies serve as a voltage and current source for ensuring a constant output voltage and thus a constant torque at different loads. Efficiency of up to 90%Compliance with...
  • Output Voltage 12 V - 48 V
  • Output Current 2 A - 40 A
  • Power Output 42 W - 960 W
  • Input Current (Cold Start) 50 A
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Shaft Couplings

Oldham couplings for transmitting high forces with low shaft displacement. Simple mounting thanks to their short design. Due to the clamp fastening, there will be no damage to the shaft. The nylon...
  • Ø D  - 
  • Description Shaft Coupling, Transmission Disc 
  • Hub Bore 5 mm, 6.35 mm, without, 8 mm, 14 mm, 6 mm 
  • Impact Torque  - 
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Grease on a semi-synthetic basis with a special metal soap thickener for plain and roller bearings that are exposed to moisture and water. Protects against corrosion. Please note:See product...
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