NMM1-SSI-V11-05-C –  Multiturn encoder

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  • Our delivery time for this article will be appr. 10 to 12 weeks.
  • This article will be manufactured on request.
This encoder is only available in combination with a motor and has to be mounted by Nanotec.

The NMM1 magnetic absolute encoder offers a resolution of 17-bit single-turn and 16-bit multi-turn. It is equipped with an SSI interface and designed for Nanotec motors with flange size NEMA 23. 

A Wiegand sensor is embedded that generates enough energy from the movement of the motor shaft to count the revolutions even without external power supply. 

  • Neither battery nor gearbox is necessary, making it maintenance-free
  • Magnetic scanning principle
  • Robust, low-wear and insensitive to dust

Please contact [email protected] to request an individual quotation. 

Technical Data

  • Index  
  • Encoder Signal Type SSI 
  • Shaft Diameter
  • Output Signals SSI 
  • Operating Temperature  -
  • Humidity max. 98% (no condensation) 
  • Line Driver  
  • Encoder Resolution 17 Bit (Single-Turn-Absolut) + 16 Bit (Multi-Turn-Absolut) CPR
  • Operating Voltage (Encoder) 4.75 – 15.00 V
  • Limit Speed 12000 RPM
  • Storage Temperature  -


Creation in progress ...


ZK-JGH-8-500-S Encoder cable NMM1 0.5m