BRAKE-BCD56-1,5-8 –  Spring-loaded brake New

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The BCD brakes can only be ordered with a motor.

The BCD brake is designed as a holding brake for BLDC and stepper motors with flange size NEMA 23/24. It is attached to the front of the motor and is equipped with its own mounted shaft as well as an NEMA 23 flange. As a result, the same flange connection as that on a motor without brake can be used and a planetary gearbox can be additionally coupled to the shaft.

  • Min. 1.5 Nm holding torque
  • 24 V operating voltage
  • Very little rotary play
  • No auditory noise
  • Rated IP65

This brake is ideal for use with loads suspended in vertical axes as well as for conveyor belts and transport systems or medical applications such as X-ray equipment and microscopes. 

As the BCD brake is mounted on the front flange, it can be combined extremely well with motors without a second shaft end, e.g. motors with integrated electronics.

Technical Data

  • Operating Voltage (Brake) 24 VDC
  • Holding Torque
  • Size
  • Hub clamping system 
  • Connection clamping system 
  • Switch-On Time 60 ms
  • Rated Power 7.2 W
  • Shaft Diameter
  • Moment of Inertia 4.63 kg mm²
  • Fastening clamping system with screw 
  • Switch-Off Time 20 ms
  • Weight


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