Small stepper motor with high power

With the SC2818, Nanotec presents a stepper motor with a flange size of 28 mm and a torque of up to 0.22 Nm. The SC2818 thereby boasts in excess of 30% more torque than conventional motors of the same size. The step angle of the 2-phase hybrid stepper motor is 1.8°. 

Like the other SC series from Nanotec, they are connected via a connector integrated in the motor, making it easy to adapt cables for customized applications. A connection cable is included in the scope of delivery. 

The motors are available in three lengths, each with one or two motor shafts. The version with the B shaft is optionally offered with an NOE1 series encoder with up to 2000 increments/revolution.

Due to its high torque and small size, the SC2818 motor series is ideally suited for use in laboratory automation or in service robotics.

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