Slotless BLDC Motors New in Nanotec's Product Line

Feldkirchen, December 2012 – Nanotec Electronic U.S. Inc. unveils its new product line of slotless BLDC motors. The two start-up models come in the sizes Nema 6 (16mm) and Nema 11 (28mm). Slotless BLDC motors are ideal for high-speed applications in medical equipment and other areas. The expression "slotted" refers to the fact that the majority of BLDC motors have pole pieces or slots on the inside of the stator for the winding to be wound around. These pole pieces together with the windings are also referred to as an "iron core". In contrast, a slotless or iron-less BLDC motor only has ring-shaped plates as the stator. A flat, glued or potted winding is installed on these plates. Nanotec's new slotless BLDC motors offer higher speeds as compared to standard BLDC motors. Since there is no iron core, the inductance of the motor is very low and current increase in the windings is rapid. In addition, there are no iron losses and the motors are more efficient. During slow operation, the lack of torque ripple has a positive effect. Since the magnetic field is not reinforced on the pole shoes as with standard BLDC motors, there is no cogging torque. The motor turns very smoothly, even at slow speeds. The DS16 slotless BLDC motor offers an output of 24watts at 25,000rpm, while the DS28 model outputs 75watts at 14,000rpm.

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