New linear positioning drives in Nema 8 and Nema 14 from Nanotec Electronic

Lead screw and high quality threaded nut for long service life

Feldkirchen, August 2013 – Nanotec Electronic GmbH & Co. KG has expanded its range of hybrid linear positioning drives by models in Nema 8 (20mm flange size) and Nema 14 (35mm flange size) sizes. Linear positioning drives contain a rotating screw mounted on the motor. The linear movement is generated with the aid of an external threaded nut. These motors are ideal for creating compact linear axes as they dispense with a coupling or bearing support point for the screw. Because of their small size, they are used for scanning tasks in optical, mechanical and acoustic testing equipment and in other applications as well.

These hybrid linear positioning drives from Nanotec Electronic use special, maintenance-free plastic nuts. Despite its small size, the Nema-8 model LS2018 delivers a force of 40N and a step resolution of 0.005mm. The Nema-14 variant LS3518 delivers a force of 140N and a resolution of 0.01mm. Standard screw lengths of 75 or 150mm are available; customer-specific screw variants are available. Both actuators can also be supplied with high-resolution (2000 CPR) NOE1 encoders.

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