New gearboxes for BLDC and stepper motors

Nanotec is now offering planetary gearboxes in plastic. The new GPLK gearboxes are especially well-suited for applications where the motor must be mobile – for example, in service robotics. They are considerably lighter and much quieter than comparable gearboxes made of metal. With a size of 42 mm and in combination with the BLDC motor DF45, they make a very compact drive that weighs just 300 g and has a rated torque of 5 Nm.

The new GPLEP planetary precision gearboxes are equipped with reinforced output bearings and withstand high radial and axial loads. They are suitable for motor sizes of between 42 and 86 mm. Particularly with small driverless transport systems, this gearbox type enables simple construction without separate drive wheel bearings.

The GPLEF flange gearboxes for motor sizes of between 56 and 86 mm offer a reasonably priced alternative to cycloidal or shaft gearboxes and have an efficiency of 97%. The output flange complies with EN ISO 9409, so swivel arms or rotary tables can be screwed on directly.

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