High-performance DC servo motor with integrated controller

With the PD6-C Nanotec introduces a brushless DC servo motor with integrated final output stage and positioning controller that delivers very high power density in relation to its size. 

The PD6-C is the largest motor of Nanotec's Plug & Drive family and is available in two versions – as a high-pole stepper motor in various lengths with a maximum rated torque of up to 8.8 Nm, as well as a low-pole BLDC motor with a flange size of 80 or 86 mm and a rated power of 534 W.
Both motor types are designed for 12-48 V supply voltages.

The motor controller and the encoder with 4096 increments are integrated in the motor, therefore cabling is limited to the communication connection and power supply.
All Plug & Drive motors use field-oriented control via encoder and can be operated in torque, speed, or positioning mode. Reference values are set either by clock-direction, two analog inputs, or the CANopen fieldbus. 

The controller is programmed with the programming language NanoJ V2 so that real-time programs for time-critical applications can be run directly on the motor. In stand-alone operation the motor will carry out complex control tasks without a fieldbus connection.  For parameterization a USB port is available.

The PD6-C is ideally suited for applications that require high power density and high efficiency as well as compact size, for example in service robotics or mechanical engineering.

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