1 kW servo for low voltage

With a rated power of up to 1.000 W, the brushless DC motors of the APBA80 series from Nanotec offer a high-performance alternative to AC servos motors with the same flange size. The new motors come standard with integrated encoder or with encoder and brake and are rated IP65. They have a peak torque of 9.6 Nm, a rated speed of 3,000 rpm and a rated voltage of 48 V. 

In addition to the standard version with keyway, individual shaft modifications are also possible as are customized windings. The control electronics can be tailored to specific applications as well.

Because of their low voltage the motors of the APBA80 series are ideally suited for battery-powered applications, such as AGVs or service robots. They are also safe for use in environments where standard AC servos would require additional insulation and safety measures.

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