usb controller for integrated stepper motor and bldc motor

USB (Universal Serial Bus) is a serial bus system for connecting a computer to external devices. As such, it was not developed for networking in an industrial system – unlike the industrial fieldbuses – but primarily for the consumer sector. In industrial applications, USB is normally only used for the parameterization and diagnosis of devices.

Nanotec offers a number of controllers and motors with integrated controller that are equipped with a USB interface. The controllers are detected immediately as mass storage devices without the use of additional drivers and enable the parameterization of the controllers via a configuration file.

With the free Plug & Drive Studio software it is also possible to parameterize and diagnose the controllers via any PC. For this purpose, the software installs an additional driver for a virtual serial interface (VCP – Virtual Com Port) via which the data can be sent with the Modbus RTU protocol. 

Controllers/Drives with USB

Motors with USB


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