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For start-up the new motor controllers or Plug & Drive Motors please always install the latest software and firmware. Downgrades for older versions are possible with a previous firmware. They are listet in the software archive. For an exact assignment please check the linked table.

Plug & Drive Studio

Plug & Drive Studio is a free software for easy commissioning of the Nanotec controllers, including motor tuning. The software supports products with CAN (IXXAT), serial, Ethernet and USB interfaces. For more information please see our Quick Start Guide or the article in our knowledge base.

Plug & Drive Studio 0.9 beta for C5-01, C5-E-x-09, CL3-E-x-0F, N5-x-1, N5-x-2, NP5-08, PD2-Cx-E-01, PD2-Cx-E-08, PD4-Cx-E-01, PD4-Cx-E-08, PD6-Cx-E-09
Plug & Drive Studio: Quick Start Guide

The free NanoPro software from Nanotec lets you take a stepper motor or Plug & Drive motor into service within just a few minutes. Specific motor and machine parameters, closed loop modes, reference and end position switches and much more can be set up quickly and conveniently.

Programming Manual V2.7 from Firmware 25.01.2013 for NanoJ Easy V1.04
NanoJ Easy

Using the Java-based programming language NanoJ Easy, complete sequential control programs can be stored. The programming manual gives a short introduction.

NanoJ Easy V1.04 all SMCI... and PD...-O41/-N..., except for PD4-C..., N5 and C..., Java based
NanoJ Easy V2.05 for PD2-C/CB, PD4-C/CB..., N5 and C..., C based

The NanoCAN software for CANOpen lets you comfortably transmit initial settings like the baud rate, SDO and PDO parameters, etc. Please note that this software only works with adapters from IXXAT and Peak.We recommend the affordable IXXAT USB-to-CAN interface.
Please note: NanoCAN is not suitable for PD...-C..., C... and N5.

CANopen Reference Manual V2.5 for NanoCAN 2.xxx
NanoCAN for PD...-O41/-N... and SMCI...
NanoCan and NanoJeasy Tutorial
NanoCAN EDS Files for PD...-O41/-N... and SMCI...
NanoCAN User Manual V2.2 for NanoCAN 2.xxx

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