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Nanotec Electronic US Inc.
38 Montvale Avenue, Suite 400 C15
Stoneham, MA 02180

General Inquiries, Sales & Delivery Inquiries
Phone: 781 219 3343
Email: info@us.nanotec.com

Email: support@us.nanotec.com

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Our website provides extensive documentation and data sheets for each product. Please, be so kind to check if your questions can be answered by our documentation first, before contacting our support team.

Please note that we sell to business customers only and therefore are unable to give phone support for private customers. Thank you for your understanding.

Dear customers, after you have logged into our webshop you can easily generate a quotation with the requested items. The quotation will include price and delivery times. Click here for user tutorial.

Nanotec Electronic U.S. Inc., 38 Montvale Avenue, Suite 400 C15, Stoneham, MA 02180, Phone ++1 781 219 3343, Fax ++1 781 498 1344, E-Mail: info@us.nanotec.com 
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